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Workers’ compensation benefits may cover your work-related injury or illness, but if your claim has been denied or payment has been minimized, the benefits may not cover what you need them to cover. Many people think of back injuries, head injuries, repetitive stress and broken bones, but occupational hearing loss and occupational diseases such as asbestosis, eczema, asthma, carpal tunnel and lead poisoning can also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

With the right legal representation advocating for your case, you can get the full benefits you deserve and discover if there is an underlying personal injury claim in your case.

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To obtain workers’ compensation benefits, there is no need to prove negligence or fault. An employee’s own carelessness is typically not a factor.

However, your workers’ compensation benefits may still be limited by your employer’s insurance provider. They can be outright denied if your employer or the insurance provider disputes your injury, your ability to work or your medical costs. Workers’ compensation may offer disability benefits in the meantime, but they will be equal to just two-thirds of your weekly pay at maximum. If you are less than 100 percent disabled, your benefit payments will be smaller.

personal injury claim may be an option in your case. Some employers are liable in almost any injury case (e.g., contractors and property owners in construction worker cases), and third parties can be held accountable in other cases, such as those involving defective products, materials and tools.

Our attorneys serve your best interests, tirelessly working for the compensation you need for short- and long-term expenses, which may include medical costs, lost wages, disability, psychological trauma, pain and suffering, death benefits, and other damages and costs.


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