Sidewalk Accidents

New York City Sidewalk Accident

Personal injury lawsuit claims may be filed seeking compensation because of a fall on either public or private property. New York City has taken measures to minimize municipal liability, but that does not mean that you do not have a case. Despite the city’s attempts to avoid liability, proper investigation by an experienced New York City personal injury attorney often reveals situations where the city must still be sued. We regularly sue the city on behalf of clients who have been injured on city property.

If you or a loved one has been injured on an icy sidewalk, cracked sidewalk, raised sidewalk section or crosswalk, you may have a case for injury compensation against either the city or a private property owner. In many cases, the city has shifted responsibility for snow and ice removal and sidewalk defects to property owners whose property borders public sidewalks, but the city may still be held liable in many situations, including:

  • Sidewalk defects to which the city is the bordering landowner such as with public parks, recreation areas and any other municipal structures
  • Snow- or ice-covered sidewalks to which the city is the bordering landowner
  • The bordering property is a one- to three-family home that is owner-occupied and used exclusively for residential purposes in whole or in part.


To sue New York City for an injury resulting from a sidewalk defect, in most cases, you must be able to prove that the city had prior written notice of the defect at least 15 days before your injury occurred. We can help you search for, obtain and include that proof in your claim.

With the aid of witness testimony, pictures of the sidewalk defect, your medical records and documentation of medical care, expert witness testimony regarding your recovery process, and possible evidence from the Big Apple Pothole & Sidewalk Corp, which documents all five boroughs of New York City, our lawyers can build a comprehensive case to recover the injury compensation that you deserve for sidewalk fall damages.

There are extremely short time limits to bringing a liability claim against New York City or another municipal entity. In some cases, the time limit is just a few days. Laws have been passed to protect municipalities from liability, not to provide maximum compensation and compassion to injured parties. It is critical that you seek experienced legal representation immediately.


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