Safety Violations

Safety Violations On Construction Sites In New York

Construction companies, contractors, property owners and insurance companies will typically attempt to limit injury claim payouts to the fullest extent possible. When New York State Labor Law, Industrial Code, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or other violations are in question, you might even get an initial offer for injury compensation or workers’ compensation benefits that sounds pretty enticing. However, this is not the amount that you deserve. A negligent party will likely make such an offer in hopes of preventing litigation and a larger payout.

You should never accept an initial injury compensation offer without consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer. Ideally, you want a lawyer who is familiar with construction and personal injury.

Safety violations on construction sites are inexcusable. All parties involved should know the consequences of placing workers in unnecessarily risky positions. This involves numerous responsibilities, including:

  • Keeping work sites clear of construction, renovation and demolition debris
  • Reasonable warning and mitigation of potential site hazards, including holes, slippery surfaces, falls from heights, construction defects, unsecured overhead objects and hazardous materials, faulty electrical wiring, and incompetent employees
  • Maintaining architectural and engineering standards specific to the project
  • Ensuring safety of construction machinery and equipment


Engineers, contractors, subcontractors, property owners, management companies, equipment manufacturers, architects and others can be liable for injuries and fatalities on work sites. In most cases, our team will be up against well-financed, resourceful and experienced defense lawyers hired by insurance companies that provide coverage to those responsible parties.

Our attorneys with over 20 years of experience pursuing personal injury claims against challenging opposition. We have recovered multiple six- and seven-figure settlements and verdicts in such cases, and we can build your best possible case for compensation in collaboration with industry experts, medical experts and engineers. We customize your case and prepare you for success in all legal forums.


Your personal injury claim and workers’ compensation claim can be handled by our team of attorneys and staff. We are committed to your recovery, and your best interests dictate the strategies and tactics we use to secure your maximum, deserved compensation.

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