Ladder & Scaffolding Falls

New York City Ladder And Scaffolding Fall Lawyers

In many cases, you do not have to rely solely on workers’ compensation insurance if you have been injured in a ladder, scaffolding or other fall from a height as a construction or demolition worker in New York. Under section 240 of the New York State Labor Law, contractors and certain property owners may be held strictly liable for accidents at work sites involving the following equipment:

  • Defective ladders, scaffolding or other equipment
  • Improperly constructed ladders, scaffolding or other equipment (e.g., scaffolding lacking proper safety rails or not adequately fastened to a supportive structure)
  • Equipment that would be deemed unsafe by a reasonable professional who is familiar with safe conditions

You may be able to sue for additional injury compensation. In New York, construction law regarding negligence is very detailed, and it is designed to protect people from catastrophic injuries. If Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations were not followed on a construction site, compensation for medical costs, lost income, psychological damage, and pain and suffering may be available to you as an injured worker.

Passersby who are injured by falling objects or in a ladder or scaffolding accident might also be able to pursue an injury claim against a property owner and/or general contractor

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Workers’ comp might cover initial medical costs, vocational rehabilitation and some lost wages, but benefits may not cover all costs you incur related to your injury. In New York, however, construction workers often have additional rights that allow them to make a claim beyond mere workers’ compensation. Often, they may also make a personal injury claim in cases that involve a height differential, meaning that if you are hit by a falling object or if you fall some distance and sustain an injury, you may have a case.

A personal injury claim, pursued professionally, may get you compensation for emotional distress and pain and suffering resulting from a serious job site injury. A personal injury settlement or verdict can help you and your family account for all costs and damages related to your injury.


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