Faulty/Defective Equipment

Were You Injured By Defective Equipment?

Workers at construction sites use a variety of heavy equipment and power tools on the job. If that equipment is defective or poorly maintained, you can suffer a devastating injury.

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In the aftermath of construction accident, employers often direct injured workers to benefits from workers’ compensation. Those benefits are limited, however, and will not compensate you for everything you have lost in an accident. If the injury was caused by equipment that was unsafe, poorly maintained or defective, you may have additional options.

Under section 241(6) of the New York State Labor Law, contractors and others may be liable for injuries caused by unsafe equipment. If the equipment was defective or contained inadequate warnings, you may also have a case against the manufacturer, distributor, designer or retailer of the equipment.

Our attorneys  with over 20 years’ of experience pursuing handling all types of construction accident cases. Our team will investigate your case and determine if you have the right to seek additional compensation under New York Labor Laws or third-party liability claims. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured construction workers and their families.


If you were injured by faulty or defective tools or construction equipment, we are committed to helping you get your life back following a serious injury.

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