Equipment Accidents

Construction Equipment Accidents In New York City

Accidents that cause serious injuries on construction sites occur almost daily in New York City. If equipment failure, improperly operated machinery, unsafe equipment or a defective tool caused your injury, you may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, contractors and property owners can be held liable, and third-party equipment manufacturers may be liable in cases of equipment defect, failure or inadequate safety guards.

In many cases, a construction equipment accident could have been prevented. That is painful to realize, but it also may be your key to the injury compensation you need to cover medical bills, living expenses and other costs relating to your injury. A personal injury claim can hold a negligent party accountable. It can hold an employer accountable for negligent hiring practices, a property owner for unsafe working conditions or a manufacturer for a defective product.

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Consulting an experienced construction accident injury lawyer will help you understand your full legal options. A personal injury claim may involve evaluations for emotional distress, psychological damage and losses suffered by family members as a result of your injury.

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