Drunk driving accident

New York City Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Each year, tens of thousands of crashes and hundreds of deaths are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs in New York. Across the state, nearly 30 percent of traffic deaths involve a drunk driver. Thousands of injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians result from these car and truck crashes.

When an impaired driver causes serious injuries to other people in New York, several parties may be held accountable for negligence. In addition to the driver of the vehicle, our attorneys will examine whether you could bring a claim against the entity that served the intoxicant to the driver. New York prohibits the sale of alcohol to people who are “actually or apparently” under the age of 21 and to people who are “visibly intoxicated.” This is referred to as the “dram shop law.”

You might have a case for injury compensation based on the dram shop law if:

  1. The driver who caused the crash in which you were injured was intoxicated.
  2. The merchant (liquor store, bar, restaurant or homeowner) made an unlawful sale of alcohol or allowed a person to drive who was visibly intoxicated.
  3. The merchant’s unlawful action contributed to the driver’s intoxication or ability to drive.


Your time to file a lawsuit is limited, and the accident scene should be documented and investigated by an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Police reports document DWI accidents, and a skilled lawyer can prove fault based on intoxication and witness statements.

At The Eskesen Law Firm, Attorneys at Law, we hold negligent drunk drivers, insurance companies that defend drunk drivers and other entities accountable. In some cases, we can even pursue punitive damages on behalf of our clients. Punitive or “exemplary damages” are designed to punish gross negligence and recklessness, and they can work to deter others from engaging in similar conduct in the future.

Our attorneys  with over 20 years’ of experience pursuing holding negligent and reckless parties accountable in personal injury cases throughout New York. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, take action with our proactive legal team. We are committed advocates exclusively representing plaintiffs in injury and wrongful death cases.


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